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At Ratcliffe we are passionate about the conservation and restoration of historic buildings.

Using sympathetic techniques and appropriate materials our team of experienced craftspeople and project managers have worked on all manner of historic properties and listed buildings including churches, cathedrals, banks, city halls through to follies and private residences.

Quality is at the forefront of our services and we employ craftsmen with Heritage CSCS Gold cards and also train our own apprentices.

At Ratcliffe Group, our extensive list of services covers all areas of restoration and conservation:

A large proportion of our restoration work involves repointing brickwork and ashlar stonework using lime mortar. We employ non damaging techniques for removal of existing mortar and are used to dealing with damaging cement rich pointing and its effect on the underlying masonry. We can carry out testing and analysis of existing mortars to allow us to recreate a suitable mortar for repointing. Care and preparation are essential to achieve a good quality joint together with the correct selection of lime, sand and tooling. We are used to working with heritage architects, consultants and conservation officers to agree repointing strategies and specifications. Please call us to discuss your requirements or view examples of our work.

Our in house qualified roofing and lead work craftsmen are able to repair and renew all forms of roof coverings from flat roof materials to Cumbrian slate. Lead repairs and reinstatement form a regular part of the service we offer. Lead is both a beautiful and durable material which when correctly detailed and installed can last in excess of 100 years also making it a cost effective solution.

The restoration of a building facade often calls for the sympathetic cleaning of masonry. The correct cleaning method can be dictated by a variety of factors including the condition and type of substrate, the nature of discolouration or deposit. We develop cleaning strategies and method to suit the particular application including

  • DOFF cleaning
  • Restorative techniques thermaTech system
  • Jos and VorTech
  • Torc
  • Chemical and poultice cleaning
  • Hand cleaning and defrassing

Our team has Heritage CSCS Cards and have worked on a variety of historic and listed buildings. We recognise and welcome the special challenges that these types of buildings can present and are used to working with conservation professionals to provide solutions that preserve our built heritage.

Often the most appropriate material for a project will be lime based wether Hydraulic or non-hydraulic We have established good relationships with the manufacturers and suppliers of our restoration materials and are able to source the most appropriate products for a particular project.

We have an in-house team of experienced stone masons and stone restorers who are able to perform some of the best quality repairs possible using proprietary products such as colour matched Lithomex or our own purpose mixed repair mortars. When stone replacement is required we are able to source appropriate new or reclaimed stone through our network of suppliers, please browse our projects for examples of our work.

For many projects brickwork can create the main visual impact and often also needs to be historically correct. Our time served craftsmen will be happy to understand and meet your requirements however large or small, from individual brick replacements to large scale heritage schemes.

Often during the course of restoration projects we encounter structural issues including failed lintels, foundation subsidence, defective ties, movement and cracks etc. We are able to design and install suitable structural repairs from simple crack stitching and wall tie replacement through to the formation of masonry beams and foundation underpinning. We have also developed sensitive techniques for wall stabilization including pinning and lime grouting that have proved successful on damaged and fragile historic structures.

Damp issues in old and historic buildings are commonplace and we are often called upon to provide appropriate treatments. There are a variety of potential causes of moisture presence and we are able to offer an extensive range of solutions and treatments including:

  • Replacement damp proof courses and injection treatments
  • Weather proof and breathable renders
  • Water proof tanking applications
  • Electrical charge systems
  • Timber treatments for insect and fungal attack
  • Structural waterproofing, pump and drainage installations
  • Condensation and humidity control

Whether a modern brick structure or an historic masonry building we can design and install a suitable solution supported by insurance backed guarantees.

“Ratcliffe showed exceptional knowledge when delivering our restoration works, and our staff and visitors gave excellent feedback as to their manner and professionalism whilst on site. The project was completed efficiently, carefully, and with the minimum disruption.”